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Polyurethane on polyolefin wheels are made from an injection molded polyurethane tread mechanically bonded to an industrial plastic core. Compared to rubber wheels they are harder, easier to move, more durable, more abrasion resistant, more resistant to grease, oil, other chemicals, and they will handle larger loads but they are also less quiet, less shock absorbing, less resilient, and therefore not nearly as good for floor protection. They are commonly used in food service, hospitals, research facilities, retail stores, schools, and other institutional and light industrial applications. They can also be used in many industrial applications, so long as the conditions are not too abusive, with heavy loads, extreme shock, and poor floors. Harder wheels, such as polyolefin, phenolic, or iron wheels are better suited to such conditions.

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Weight 2.6 lbs
Tread Material

Core Material

Tread Color

Core Color

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Temperature Range

Diameter Inches

Tread Width Inches

Hub Length Inches

Hub Bore Size Inshes

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